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The objective of this project was to increase spawning productivity and natural walleye populations of Christie Lake and the Tay River by adding substrate and structure to existing and new spawning areas.

These spawning beds are located between Greer and Alan’s Island on Christie Lake, Jordan’s Bridge, Dixon’s Flatrock and the School House Bridge.

A total of 210 tons of oversized cobble stone were used to rehabilitate the spawning beds. In order to minimize effects on lake levels and river flows only one layer of rock was placed on the bottom. Large boulders were positioned to provide resting areas and wall stones were used as curbs in two of the river sites to prevent material from being washed downstream during high water levels.

Representatives from the Christie Lake Cottage Association, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Stewardship Rangers, and the Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County. Anglers and local residents were present to lend a hand . Also assisting were the Lanark and Fish and Game Conservation Club and the Christie Lake Boys and Girls Camp. The Sharbot Mishigama Anishnabae Algonquin First Nations was involved in the initial stages of planning.

Our council took the lead in coordinating the project and gathering resources.

Spawning bed project