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In 2004 the Otty Lake Association (OLA) and its members began the process of developing a lake management plan (LMP).

A LMP is a long-term action plan that is developed and applied by the lake community to protect the special character of Otty Lake.

Otty-Lake-from-West-End-FOTWThe first step in the process was to recruit volunteers from the lake community to form the Otty Lake Management Planning Committee (OLMPC). One of their many tasks was to develop and distribute a survey to identify what the lake community valued about the lake. Once the issues and concerns of property owners and lake users were identified, OLMPC volunteers set to work collecting information and learning about the issues.
Decision makers and property owners need to know the current condition of the watershed before recommendations to protect the lake can be developed. The Otty “State of the Watershed Report provides a summary of what is currently known about the Otty Lake Watershed and how that information relates to the issues that are important to people on the lake. This information will be used to make recommendations about land use policy and stewardship action to ensure the long-term health of Otty Lake.

The Otty Lake Watershed (all of the land that drains into Otty Lake):

  • Is one of 14 subwatersheds of the larger Tay River watershed
  • Includes 7 small lakes in addition to Otty Lake, and many wetlands
  • Contains generally poor agricultural land and is covered primarily in forest

Otty Lake has:

  • A rocky shoreline with thin soil cover and steep slopes
  • An average depth of 9 m (30 ft) and maximum depth of 27 m (90 ft)
  • 5 streams flowing into the lake: 3 seasonal, 2 year-round
  • 1 slow outflow (Jebbs Creek): the annual inflow of water is 15.69x106 m3 (55.41x107 ft3) therefore it takes 3 to 4.5 years for all the water in the lake to be flushed out and replaced with new water.

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