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On its tenth anniversary, the Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County decided to commission a document on the status of the county’s natural resources in order to provide a benchmark to help guide its actions, as well as those of other agencies and groups in the county. The Council hoped to put the document in the hands of as many people as possible in order to highlight opportunities for co-operation and to identify priorities when it comes to land stewardship.

With funding assistance from Service Canada, Susan Sentesy was hired in December 2006. Susan was asked to work collaboratively with Council members to write the report on their behalf. The Stewardship Council members took responsibility for various chapters and provided Susan with a list of questions which they felt needed to be answered in each chapter. Susan then proceeded to research the topics using available resource materials in the office, on the internet and by interviewing local experts and MNR staff. The Council members edited their respective chapters and one or two members then edited the whole document for consistency throughout. The document was then professionally edited by Stephanie Gray who is also involved with environmental activities in the county. Photographs to support the written material were provided by Council members and other community partners.

To download the full report:  A Place in Time (PDF, 13 MB)

To see the Table of Contents or download each chapter separately.

Printed copies available for $39.95 from our office in Perth.