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A Place in Time - The Natural Resources of Lanark County is avaialable to view section by section.

Intro & Table of Contents

Significant Natural Areas

  • What Is a Significant Natural Area?
  • How Are Significant Natural Areas Selected?
  • Who Is Officially Responsible for Identification and Protection?
  • Where Are Significant Areas in Lanark County?
  • What Are Some Alternative Approaches to Conservation and Stewardship?
  • What Resources and Incentives Are Available?


  • What Is the History of Lanark County Forests?
  • How Were Lanark's Forests Regenerated?
  • How Are Our Forests Managed Now?
  • What Are the Economic Benefits of Forests?
  • What Disturbs Forest Health?
  • What Are Good Forest-Management Practices?
  • What Are Some Opportunities and Challenges for Stewardship?

Plants, Animals & Habitat

  • What Effect Did Settlement Have on Our Plants and Animals?
  • What Is the Current State of Wildlife and Its Habitat in Lanark County?
  • What Are the Species at Risk?
  • How Is Wildlife and Its Habitat Managed?
  • Why Is It Important to Maintain Biodiversity?
  • What Are Some Opportunities for Stewardship?


  • What Is the History of Lanark County's Waterways?
  • Where Are Lanark County's Watersheds?
  • How Is Our Water Regulated?
  • How Is Our Water Monitored?
  • What Concerns Do We Have About Water?
  • How Can We Protect Water?
  • How Do We Use Water Recreationally?
  • What Are Some Resources for Stewardship?
  • What Are Some Future Challenges for Protecting Our Water?


  • How Did Agriculture Begin in Lanark County?
  • What Are the Growing Conditions in Lanark County?
  • What Is Farmed in Lanark County?
  • How Is Farming Regulated?
  • What Concerns Lanark County Farmers?
  • How Are Lanark County Farmers Practising Stewardship?
  • What Stewardship Programs Are Available to Farmers?
  • What Future Challenges Do Farmers Face?

Mineral & Aggregate Resources

  • What Is Lanark County's Geological History?
  • What Is the Current State of Mineral and Aggregate Resources in Lanark County?
  • How Is Mining Regulated?
  • What Issues Exist About Mining in Lanark County?
  • How Are We Practising Stewardship of Mineral and Aggregate Resources?
  • What Are the Future Challenges with Our Mineral and Aggregate Resources?

Landowners & Stewardship

  • Why Is Landowner Stewardship Important?
  • How Is Landowner Stewardship Encouraged?
  • How Are Lanark County Landowners Practising Stewardship?
  • What Other Resources and Opportunities Are Available?
  • What Are the Challenges of Stewardship?

What Comes Next