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In 2007, a small group of conservation partners in eastern Ontario met to discuss how they might respond to an increase in landowner queries about fishers.

There were alot of myths about the problems fishers were causing; everything from stealing babies to eating a whole cow! The group began to discuss the possible development of an educational video that would present the facts and dispel the myths. What eventually was developed was far beyond the imaginings of the original group.

Nature-In-Deed-HomepageThe Steering Committee soon realized that they needed a better way to get all kinds of information into the hands of rural landowners. They were aware that different interest groups had information, but landowners didn't always know it was available or how to get it. They began to discuss the concept of a website that would be an information portal, not duplicating what other resource agencies already do but simply providing a "one-stop shopping centre" for resource information. This website would try to help landowners "think outside the fence" and see how their properties fit into the wider landscape and learn about environmentally-friendly management practices. It would also lead them to their local Stewardship Council for advice and assistance.

With assistance from Susan Sentesy, our Special Project Coordinator, the website was developed, in consultation with the Steering Committee, in the winter of 2010. The Nature In Deed website was finally launched at the eastern zone stewardship conference in October 2010. Members of these stewardship councils were invited to provide feedback from their own experiences. They are also assisting with the promotion of the website within their respective communities.

Our next step is to promote the website to a province-wide audience. As funding is provided, more features will be added to the website including some video demonstrations of best management practices. Eventually, the website could even include an educational video about fishers!

The Nature In Deed website may be viewed at