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Living with Deer

Based on beautiful wildlife footage shot over a period of more that a year, this video brings the life of the white-tailed deer to the screen. In the process it encourages viewers to think about the complex relationship between people, deer, and the natural habitat.1998, Running time 24:39 minutes
Produced by Pinegrove Productions
Executive Producer: Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County
Format: VHS Price: $25.00

Sharing the Land

In Sharing the Land, professionals in the field of wildlife and forestry management give hands-on suggestions for sustainable habitat management. The goal is to try and meet the needs of wildlife (food and shelter), of people (economic, cultural, and recreational), and the land base (health and sustainability).

1999, Running time 31:45 minutes
Produced by Pinegrove Productions
Executive Producer – Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County
Format: VHS Price: $25.00  

Reintroducing the Wild Turkey: The story of the wild turkey in Ontario

Ten million wild turkeys populated North America in historic times. By the early 1900’s habitat destruction and unregulated market hunting nearly caused their extinction in Ontario. Starting in 1984, a group of dedicated sportsmen, naturalists and wildlife managers initiated a program to bring wild turkeys back. This video features that story.

2001, Running time 44:00 minutes
Produced by Pinegrove Productions
Executive Producer – Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County
Format: VHS Price: $15.00  

Taming the Wind: Windbreak Design and Maintenance

Illustrate the Benefits, Design and Maintenance of Windbreaks

PowerPoint presentation put on VHS  

1998, Running time 21:00 minutes
Produced by Land Stewardship Network
Format: VHS (Loaner)  

Forest Meadows: Management Alternatives

A video showing how hunters and naturalists improve local wildlife habitat by seeding grass/clover mixtures onto a Utility Right-of-Way. Replaces the traditional maintenance methods used under power transmission lines with wildlife – friendly botanical alternative.Suitable for smaller or larger groups who have an interest in combining utility maintenance with projects enhancing biodiversity.

1995, Running time 12:30 minutes
Produced by Pinegrove Productions
Format: VHS (Loaner)  

Off Limits: Crop Protection System

Informational video on the use of buried electrical fence and free range dogs for the protection of crops against deer damage.

1995, Running time 9:00 minutes
Produced by Off Limits
Format: VHS (Loaner)

Black Ratsnake Conservation in Ontario: Understanding and Protecting Canada's Largest Snake

Canada's longest species of snake, the black ratsnake, was once found across most of southern Ontario. Today biologists are using radio-tracking and microchip technology to monitor the remaining populations and to add to our understanding of this non-venomous snake. Others are using education and private land stewardship practices in an attempt to preserve this threatened and unique part of Ontario's natural heritage.

2004, Running time 20:00 minutes
Produced by Friends of Murphys Point Park
Format: VHS (Loaner)

Bear With Me: A Young Persons Guide to Black Bear Safety

This program provides young viewers with what they need to know to live safely with black bears.Sometimes funny, always informative, we follow young Josh on his quest to write a story about black bears for his school newspaper. He interviews an expert, has a close encounter with a bear during a camping trip, and learns about all the dos and don'ts of living in bear country.

2006, Running time 17:00 minutes
Produced by Pinegrove Productions
Format: DVD Price: $25.00