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Lanark County Stewardship Council


About Us

History of the Council

The Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County was created in 1996 under the auspices of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Stewardship Program.

When the program ended in 2013, many Stewardship Councils chose to continue on their own, without government support, building upon their long established partnerships within their respective communities.

Mission and Focus

The mission, focus and terms of reference of the CSCLC were identified by the inaugural members and are based on the following principles and practices:

    • Promote stewardship ethics and best management practices
    • Draw on the experience and traditional knowledge of the community
    • Identify and address local stewardship needs in partnership with others
    • Resolve issues through compromise and respect

Council Membership

    • a volunteer, community-based organization working with individuals and community groups to facilitate responsible environmental stewardship
    • comprised of members representing landowner interests and a variety of environmental groups including: farmers, foresters, educators, hunters and fishers, environmentalists, filmmakers  and businesspeople
    • each council operates independently within its respective community
    • consists of about 12 members (on average) and contractual staff as required
    • partners range from local to provincial to national

Scope of Work

    • provide a locally-based and community-oriented means of linking landowners with information on best practices, expertise and modest resources for a wide-range of specific grassroots environmental initiatives
    • provide a unique opportunity for people of vastly different interests and backgrounds to work together in a consensus building forum
    • obtain funding to undertake Council and community initiated projects that meet identified stewardship gaps
    • since 1996 the Council has been involved in some 400 grass roots projects and activities which positively impact local landowners and the broader community
    • examples of projects the council supports can be found on our Projects webpage
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