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    Lanark County Stewardship Council


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The most frequently asked questions about the Lanark Stewardship Council are:


    What do you mean by "stewardship"?

    The dictionary defines Stewardship as:
    1. A personal commitment to care for the land.
    2. To sustain or enhance the land for the enjoyment of future generations.

    A steward is a caretaker of the land. For instance, when camping we would like to leave our campsite in better shape when we leave than it was when we arrived.

    How do you become part of the Stewardship Council?

    From time to time our Council is on the look out for new members to sit around the table. When the Council was first formed we approached representatives from various land interest groups or associations in order to maintain the land-interest demographic of our community. As members leave, we ask them to find a representative from their association to take their place. If this does not happen, our Council will actively search for members.

    How does the Council decide on what projects they are going to assist?

    Every 3-5 years the Council looks at its priorities for the next few years. The Council has the ability to develop their own projects, but primarily ideas and requests for assistance come from the community. When an idea is brought to our attention, a Partnership Proposal is completed and submitted to the Council for review. The proponent will make a presentation to the Council so that we better understand the project idea and the assistance required. Decisions are made based on how the project meets with our strategic direction and at a funding level that the Council is able to support. Council decisions are be consensus..

    Do Council members get paid?

    No. The Stewardship Council is comprised of community volunteers.

    How do I get involved with the Council?

    The simplest way is just to ask. People don't need to sit on the Council
    to be involved. People can take part in our landowner workshops, assist
    with community projects or submit project ideas and proposals.

    Are there other Stewardship Councils?

    Yes, there are councils in most counties across southern Ontario and several regional councils in the north.

    Why was the Stewardship Program started?

    It was hoped that a locally-based organization, run by volunteers, could play a positive role in influencing the land management practices of private landowners. In today's era of financial constraints, partnerships and self-regulation stewardship councils seek to link landowners with funding, information and expertise to ensure that good management practices flourish.

    I have an idea for a project and would like help from the Stewardship Council.

    Great! You can contact our office or any member of our Council and they will help you bring your idea forward to the our Council. You can also download a Partnership Proposal on the Projects page of this website and submit it to the Council.

    What does a Stewardship Council do?

    The Stewardship Council works with community partners to promote responsible land care on private land. We recommend that you peruse our website to get a better idea of what we do and how our Stewardship Council works. To help we have included our annual reports on our Publications page.

    Where are you located?

    Our office is located at the County of Lanark Administration Office in Perth. Our address and phone number are:

    Box 37 Sunset Blvd., Perth, ON K7H 3E2 - phone (613) 267-4200 ext. 3403

    How is the Council funded?

    The Council has the ability to fundraise and apply for grants from other sources as they deem appropriate for a particular project.

    Do I have to be part of the council to help with community projects?

    No. Our Council works with many landowners, associations and land interest groups. If you have an idea for a project or if you want to get involved in any of our community events, just contact us

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