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    Lanark County Stewardship Council



    We have a wide range of information at our office. If you would like information on a particular subject please contact us.

    All files are accessible online and may be downloaded in PDF file format.

    Annual Reports:

    Project Reports:

    Additional Publications:

    Wildlife - Crop Impact Study

    In 2004, the Lanark Soil and Crop Improvement Association approached the Stewardship Council with the idea for a study that would attempt to find out what was really happening on the landscape as it pertained to wildlife damage.

    Otty Lake - State of the Lake Report

    In 2004 the Otty Lake Association (OLA) and its members began the process of developing a lake management plan (LMP). Otty Lake - State of the Lake Report


    Mississippi Watershed in a Changing Climate

    The Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County provided funding to publish the 2008 report, From Impacts Towards Adaptation: Mississippi Watershed in a Changing Climate.



    Forests, Water & Climate Change

    Despite the proliferation of tree-planting programs in Canada, only limited consideration has been given to the potential impacts of increased forest cover on water resource management at the basin or sub-basin scale.


    BioBlitz Protocol

    The Community Stewardship Council in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds has developed a Bioblitz Protocol: a guidebook and resource package to help community groups plan and implement their BioBlitz event.



    A Place In Time

    On its tenth anniversary, the Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County decided to commission a document on the status of the county's natural resources in order to provide a benchmark to help guide its actions, as well as those of other agencies and groups in the county. The Council hoped to put the document in the hands of as many people as possible in order to highlight opportunities for co-operation and to identify priorities when it comes to land stewardship.

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