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Lanark County Stewardship Council


Our Web Sites

There are plenty of online resources available. This is a brief list of local, regional, and national links.

Our Incredible World  

Our Incredible World, is a place to have fun and learn about the natural world. Through three video series, Our Incredible World, Incredible World Investigators, and the Woodland Caribou, both kids and adults can learn about our natural environment and what they can do to protect it. The website also includes ways to get involved, species fact sheets, and fun online games. Finally, the website provides an important resource for teachers to access and deliver meaningful, curriculum based lessons related to the three video series. These lessons are targeted for grades 4, 6, 7, and secondary school, and cover topics including habitats, ecosystems, biodiversity, species-at-risk, and invasive species.

Nature In Deed

The Nature in Deed website is a one stop information portal that was designed to assist new rural property owners. If a new property owner has a question or would like more information about managing their property or dealing with a problem, is an excellent place to start to find the answer. The website will either provide an answer directly or will refer the property owner to other sources to get the answer. Although initially designed for new property owners, the website is also very useful for anyone who owns a rural property.

In 2015, the LCSC is refreshing the links and updating the website. The council wants to continue to add new content to the website.

Other Links

There are plenty of online resources available. This is a brief list of local, regional, and national links.

Government Ministries and Conservation Authorities

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Parks Canada
Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Municipalities and Counties

County of Lanark
Township of Lanark Highlands
Tay Valley Township
Drummond -  North Elmsley Township
Mississippi Mills

Other Environmental Groups

Ontario Forestry Association
Ontario Woodlot Association
Eastern Ontario Model Forest
Canadian Biodiversity Institute
Canadian Forest Service
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
Wildlife Habitat Canada
Tree Canada
Landowner Resource Centre
Friends of the Tay Watershed
Centre for Sustainable Watersheds
Eastern Habitat Joint Venture
Forest Gene Conservation Association
Ontario Federation of Agriculture
Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

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