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Lanark County Stewardship Council


Drought 2012: Mississippi Valley

Lanark County experienced a significant drought during the summer of 2012. There is much public interest in such events and the impacts and actions arising from this drought.

What were some of the major impacts and how well did we cope? Did we deal with all these impacts successfully or not? Were critical thresholds exceeded or nearly exceeded?  What was the frequency of this drought and how frequently can we expect similar magnitude events in the future?

Dry-riverbedTo help answer some of these questions, our Stewardship Council partnered with Mississippi Valley Conservation to host a workshop on the Drought of 2012 in January 2013. The workshop was intended to provide information to the public from local agencies concerning their observations and decisions and to provide the public with a venue for feedback.

To see the presentations offered at this workshop, please check out the Mississippi Valley Conservation website.

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